Sunday, June 21, 2009

"Time Lapse"

"Time Lapse Cloud above the hill (HD 720p)" is one of the works of mockmoon2000 who has made a lot of marvelous HD videos of mountain, urban & night sky scenes using interval & continuous shoot modes of digital single-lens reflex cameras. The creator's works are being now in the spotlight on YOUTUBE.

This "T.L.Cloud above the hill" was shot at "Yome no Teien (Dream Garden) 夢の庭園" which is about a 15-minute walk from Ōdarumi-tōge (mountain pass) 大弛峠(2360m), located at the prefectural boundary of Yamanashi and Nagano. (The forest road which leads there is closed during winter season(from about early December to about late May).) We can park at Ōdarumi-tōge.

・mockmoon2000's blog "continuous shatter" (Japanese version only)
mockmoon2000's channel on YOUTUBE

View Ōdarumi-tōge 大弛峠 & Yome no Teien 夢の庭園 on Google My Maps

Panoramic views of the mountains [Oku Chichibu 奥秩父] near Ōdarumi-tōge on "QuickTimeVR Panorama Gallery" which was introduced on "Panoramic viewing from peaks at home"

"Yome no Teien (Dream Garden) 夢の庭園" shot by Yamanashi "Home of Mt.Fuji" Sightseeing Net 富士の国やまなし観光ネット

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