Friday, June 19, 2009

Kai Pilgrimage

It is said that the beginning of pilgrimage in Japan is "Saigoku Sanjūsan-sho 西国三十三所" mostly in Kansai region. In Edo period, this sort of pilgrimage grew popular among members of the general public (for example, "Shikoku Pilgrimage 四国遍路", "Bandō Sanjūsankasho 坂東三十三箇所" ).
In Yamanashi, there is a pilgrimage called "Kai Hyakuhachi Reijō 甲斐百八霊場(108 hallowed grounds in Yamanashi)" (Yamanashi had once been called "Kai no kuni (Kai province)甲斐の国"). The 108 list takes in most sects of Japanese Buddhism and most major temples in Yamanashi (refer to "Kōfu-Gozan & Kai Zenkōji","AJISAI flower"). I hope you find it informative.

View Kai Pilgrimage 甲斐百八霊場 on Google My Maps

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