Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fujikawa town

Masuho town 増穂町's and Kajikazawa town 鰍沢町's mayors signed agreements on the merger of the two town on the 5th this month. The name of the new town which will come into existence in March 8th, 2010 from this merger has been settled on as "Fujikawa-cho 富士川町*".
*There was a town of the same name in Shizuoka Pref, but on November 1, 2008, the town was merged into Fuji city and dissolved.

Ōboshi park 大法師公園 which has been selected as 100 beauty spots of cherry blossoms さくら名所100選 is in Kajikazawa.
- PHOTO ALBUMS on the web -
"Cherry Blossoms at Ōboshi park 大法師公園の桜1~4" on "*しあわせの箱* by ao.
"Cherry Blossoms at Ōboshi park 大法師公園の桜1~3" on "*black eyes*
"Cherry Blossoms at Ōboshi park 大法師公園の桜(Kajikazawa town, Yamanashi Pref 山梨県鰍沢町 2009/0406)" on フォト蔵 by NOBO
"Cherry Blossoms at Ōboshi park 大法師公園の桜 (100 beauty spots of cherry blossoms さくら名所100選)" on フォト蔵 by R-A-Y(^o^)

Myōhōji temple 妙法寺 which is famous for Ajisai あじさい (hydrangeas) is in Masuho. (REF.AJISAI flower)

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