Saturday, June 6, 2009

Panoramic viewing from peaks at home

In Yamanashi, there are a lot of mountains which are ideal for hiking and climbing trails. We can enjoy fine views as it changes from season to season there. The nature makes us refreshed both physically and mentally, doesn't it?
But on occasions when you can't go for vacation because you have a full schedule, "QuickTimeVR Panorama Gallery" is useful.

***** My recommended Panoramas *****
#fujisan (Mt.Fuji) No.8 (You can see Kōfu-basin & Southern Alps 南アルプス) 
#kai-komagatake 甲斐駒ケ岳 No.1
#kannondake No.1 (You can see Kōfu-basin, Mt.Fuji, Kitadake 北岳, Yatsugatake 八ヶ岳, & Northern Alps 北アルプス)
#kinpusan 金峰山 No.2
#kitadake No.1

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