Friday, June 5, 2009


Wagashi 和菓子 is a traditional Japanese confectionery. This time, I'll introduce to popular and folksy wagashis that we can get in Yamanashi.

Daifuku だいふく (大福)

Kusamochi くさもち (草餅)

Kuzu[Kudzu]mochi くずもち (葛餅) --- There are some types & shapes. (refer to the different type) Kuzumochi is made from kudzu starch.

These fillings are an[ko] 餡[子] (sweet bean paste).

You can get these wagashis 和菓子 at the following wagashi shop on Asahi-Dōri shopping street 朝日通り商店街 , Kōfu city.

View Wagashi shop 和菓子屋 on Google My Maps

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