Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The above is a "Goshuin 御朱印 (red seal)" of Kai Zenkōji. You will be able to get Goshuins at a certain size of temples & shrines if you make an offering, called "Ofuse お布施."

■Refer to Kōfu-Gozan & Kai Zenkōji and Kai Pilgrimage

■View A Brief Lesson on Goshuin by LazyBuyu on YOUTUBE

■Reference data
Ginkakuji goshuin07Apr06 on "troutfactory notebook"
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goshuin 御朱印 (kyoto, japan) on "sorafoto 空フォト"

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  1. Konnichi wa! Thanks for following my EAGAN daily photo blog. I discovered your blog today! Fun to see the Kanji and pictures. Genki de ne!