Friday, July 10, 2009


チャイルドフッド which is a female duo, erina and mayumi from Yamanashi, was set up in September 2003. Then the duo has been awarded prizes in several local music contests, especially awarded a grand prize in KARUIZAWA Love Song AWARD 2007. In September '08, they released the first indie album "Taisetsu na Jikan 大切な時間 (important time)" and until now have performed live concerts on a regular basis in Yamanashi, Tokyo and so on.

■Songs on YouTube
Hanabi 花火 (Firework) (the Grand Prize song in KARUIZAWA Love Song AWARD 2007)
Kokoro no Kakera 心のカケラ (Fragments of the Heart)

チャイルドフッド's official site (Japanese version only)
ibaneez's channel on YouTube, where you can watch many live videos of チャイルドフッド.


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